Corporate Video Strategy and Production

During my time with a large corporation in the private sector, I was tasked with producing a high profile corporate video profiling the organization. This video was intended to drive the image of the organization as an innovative, globalized, and forward-focused corporation. This project required the following major tasks:

  • Communication and coordination with the Senior Executive Group and external vendors.
  • Creative strategy to give the project meaningful direction.
  • Video storyboarding and creation of thought-provoking interview questions.
  • Project management collaborating with a large team.
  • Budgeting, development of Request for Proposals, and vendor selection.

My Role
Project Lead
Project Team
Corporate Marketing, Senior Executive Group, Video Vendor, Plant General Managers

Strategic Planning, Communication, Project Management, Budgeting

The resultant Corporate Video this project produced was extremely well-received by all stakeholders including the CEO and Senior Executive Group. Even more notable was the valuable and meaningful conversation the process of creating this video elicited regarding communication strategy for the entire organization and the messaging we were really seeking to convey within our Corporate Marketing team. I love projects like this that bring together diverse teams and deliver meaningful conclusions beyond what was originally intended.