e-Welcome Series for New Graduates

During my time with Alumni Affairs and Development at the University of Guelph, young alumni engagement has been a top priority. Stemming from this priority was the need to engage alumni soon after graduation to start developing their relationships with us as alumni. With the assistance of the Alumni Advancement Manager, Young Alumni and Students, I was tasked with the creation of an engaging email Welcome Series that would consist of four emails to be send over a grad’s first year out of school. The design and implementation of this e-Welcome Series for new grads required the following major tasks:

  • Research on the preferences of young alumni and what they are looking for from their alma mater.
  • Initiating the collaboration among multiple internal and inter-departmental teams.
  • Ideation and brainstorming to derive a concept.
  • Mapping of strategic goals for each part of the series as well as the series as a whole.

My Role
Communications Team Lead
Project Team
Communications Team, Annual Giving Team, IS Team, UGAA Board of Directors

Leadership, Digital Engagement, Project Management

The finalized e-Welcome Series was very well-received with data to back it. It required a second iteration which took place after initial data was collected to help streamline the communication to better achieve our goals. Clickthrough rates have risen significantly as have our data collection rates for new grad contact information. This project became a great example for post-implementation data review and making strategic decisions and innovations based on that data. Overall, a fantastic team effort!